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Eye & Vision Care Toolkit is a Course

Eye & Vision Care Toolkit



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The Eye & Vision Care Toolkit is a comprehensive package of resources designed to support stronger eye care systems for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Importantly, this Toolkit was developed, tried and tested by working closely with a number of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services. It is designed to guide and equip primary health care services, and the eye care practitioners or organisations they partner with, to provide timely and effective eye care for their patients. It aims to support improvements in the following ways:

  • Improve eye care outcomes through continuous quality improvement (CQI)
  • Build local and regional workforce through tailored education
  • Strengthen primary eye care through tailored education and system supports
  • Meet community service needs through service planning 
  • Provide patient-centred care by understanding community perspectives

To help build a stronger eye care system, it is recommended that all of these activities be implemented together, as they are complementary and support different aspects of the eye care system. However, because every context is unique, each health service will identify their main strategic priorities to focus on.

Introduction video

Project impact

This Toolkit was developed, tried and tested by working closely with a number of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services. By implementing the processes outlined in the Toolkit for just two years, a positive impact on eye care services and outcomes was achieved. For more information about this work and its achievements, please read the summary report.


This Toolkit includes PDF files available for viewing online and free download, an Excel file (audit tool), a free online training module, links to external websites, and and introductory video which explains the overall process.

Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy

The Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy is a center of excellence for global eye health and vision care education.

With a commitment to human resource development and quality life‐long learning, the Academy promotes the implementation of sustainable programs by creating and providing the educational support (courses, resources and advice) essential to human resource capacity building, especially in the developing context.

Underpinning the Academy is the belief that education is the most effective way to build the capacity necessary to influence the change essential for reducing the social and economic effect of avoidable vision impairment.

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