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About Us


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About Us

At Brien Holden Vision Institute, we believe that sight is a fundamental right for everyone, everywhere. Our mission is to develop new solutions for vision care and eliminate uncorrected vision impairment and avoidable blindness, in the effort to reduce global poverty and suffering.

The Institute is a global organisation working with many eye health and educational groups, including but not limited to optometry schools, teaching hospitals, universities, colleges, nursing institutes and Indigenous health sectors.

The Institute’s diverse network of collaborators facilitates access to major scientific and academic institutions that contribute, challenge and enrich its learning and teaching activities, its resources, experiences and educational innovations.

Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy

We believe that education is the most effective way to build the capacity necessary to influence change.

Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy is a centre of excellence for global eye health and vision care education.
With a commitment to quality life-long learning, the Academy promotes the implementation of sustainable programs by creating and providing the educational framework and support essential to capacity building.

In effect, the Academy develops and strengthens the human capacity of emerging nations in a manner that enables them to contribute to global eye health and the WHO Development Goals in a marked, effective and sustainable way by targeting in particular, but not exclusively, avoidable blindness and visual impairment that is second to uncorrected refractive error.

Academy Activities

Improving the global delivery of eye health necessitates establishing eye health advocates and up-scaling the global workforce at every level from screener to eye care professionals.

Some of our education initiatives include:

Primary level intervention - We promote health and train health workers and teachers to conduct vision screenings in some settings such as schools so they can identify vision disorders and make referrals for the appropriate treatment.

Specialised courses and programs - We deliver and implement instructional programs in eye examinations, refraction, dispensing, low vision and other optometric specialty areas

Vision centre management - To ensure the everyday running of vision centres is efficient and working towards sustainability, we run workshops for administrative staff

Faculty development - We train eye health educators, enabling education to be conducted and sustained at a local level.

Research - Courses in research methodology and scientific writing are delivered to promote the incorporation of research in education and public health activities to validate processes and develop new models in eye care.

Professional continuing education - Through seminars and special programs we deliver topical information to eye care providers at all levels to enhance know how and improve the quality of services.

Global Optometry Resources - Comprising the backbone of a typical optometry curriculum, our series of multilingual online optometry modules offer the essential resources that educators and students frequently lack in limited resource settings.

Our courses

Our courses cover public health, clinical, pedagogical, research, business and soft skill topics. Some of our courses include:

  • Refraction
  • Refraction for ophthalmologists
  • EyeTeach
  • Child eye health
  • Paediatric vision
  • Spectacle technician
  • Optical dispensing
  • Optometry public health
  • Community-based workers
  • Slit lamp in-service
  • Low vision
  • Primary eye care
  • Scientific writing
  • Research methodology
  • Vision centre operations
  • Customer service
  • Presbyopia entrepreneurship
  • Vision screening
  • Contact lenses
  • Social responsibility
  • Post graduate programs