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The Business of Myopia is a Course

The Business of Myopia

Ended Sep 10, 2019

$160 Enroll

Full course description


Building on the foundation of practical skills delivered through courses 1 and 2, The Business of Myopia will enable you to successfully grow your business through myopia management.

The course presents the business case for myopia management and provides guidance in areas such as business procedures and processes, pricing, marketing, patient communication and education, to help you drive awareness, reverse the trend and help ensure business success.

Course features

The Business of Myopia is the third part of a three course program which features:

  • Fully online, independent, highly interactive learning
  • Handouts and materials – yours to keep 
  • Online discussion forums 
  • Certificate on completion
  • Results for optometrists sent to OA (Australia) / ODOB (NZ) / COPE (Nth America) / GOC (UK)


Course details

Course 3: The Business of Myopia is made up of 5 modules, which range from 30 to 100 minutes in length (6 hours total). Each module consists of interactive content, questions, videos and polls. 

The structure of the course is shown below:

Module 1: Introduction to the business of myopia (30 mins)
2 interactive case studies (15 mins each)  + 10 MCQ assessment
Module 2: Setting up the practice for myopia management (100 mins)
4 interactive case studies (20 mins each) + 20 MCQ assessment
Module 3: Marketing for myopia management (100 mins)
4 interactive case studies (20 mins each) + 20 MCQ assessment
Module 4: Communication and education in myopia management (100 mins)
4 interactive units (20 mins each) + 20 MCQ assessment
Module 5: Maintaining success in myopia management (30 mins)
2 interactive units (15 mins each) + 10 MCQ assessment

On the successful completion of all 6 modules of this course, you should be able to: 

- Explain the potential business benefits of introducing myopia management.
- Identify the services, products, staff training and pricing systems required to run a successful myopia - management business.
- Create a marketing strategy to grow your myopia management business.
- Use appropriate patient messaging and materials for myopia management communication and education.
- Monitor and improve your myopia management practice using appropriate resources.
All content is delivered fully online, and can be accessed using a desktop PC or tablet. Please note that the course is aimed at practitioners new to or less experienced in managing progressive myopia.

Continuing education and enrolment

We are a trusted education provider and this course will be accredited for continuing education points (application pending) with:
  • COPE (US / Canada optometrists) (6 CE hours)
  • Optometry Australia (OA) (12 CPD points)
  • Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Board (ODOB) (6 credits for optometrists)
  • The General Optical Council (GOC) (UK) (6 CET hours for optometrists)
(You must be enrolled in the appropriate region to receive continuing education points).

After you have paid and secured your place for the course, the course will open and course materials will be available from Tuesday August 20, 2019.

Please be aware all assessment must be completed by September 10, after which the course will close.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Invited speakers

Some of the world's leading experts on myopia and optometry business have contributed to The Business of Myopia:

  • Dr Alan Glazier
  • Dr Brooke Messer
  • Dr Jack Schaeffer
  • Dr Linda Chous
  • Mr Mark Koszek, M.Optom
  • Dr Mick Kling
  • Dr Sally Dillehay
  • Dr Xiaoying Zhu

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PLEASE NOTE: The early bird rate (10% off) is active until July 31 and the course will open Tuesday August 20, 2019.