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Managing Myopia Course 2 (Nov 18) is a Course

Managing Myopia Course 2 (Nov 18)

Nov 13 - Dec 4, 2018

$145 Enroll

Full course description


Managing Myopia is the revolutionary, patient focused education program based on the latest advances in research. It will change the way you understand myopia, help you identify candidates at risk and empower you with the skills to better-manage progressive myopia for your patients.

Why myopia management?

 By 2050, it’s predicted that 50% of the population will have myopia, with 10% having high levels of myopia (>-5.00D) (Holden et al., 2016); creating a potential major public health crisis. Research shows that there are ways to delay the onset and manage the progression of myopia, giving better visual outcomes for the child (Walline, 2016).

Course features

Managing Myopia Course 2 gives practitioners tools and strategies to feel confident with more complex cases. There are varying reasons for cases to be considered complex that can include:

  • limited evidence available for a patient’s particular circumstance
  • more than one condition being treated at a time in one patient
  • poorer than expected outcomes with management strategies, and 
  • often factors that we do not yet understand.

To learn to manage these cases practitioners they will draw on their learning from course 1, expert opinion, the literature, clinical experience and peers.

Managing Myopia Course 2 is the second part of a two course program. This online program connects you with global leaders in myopia management through instructional videos, interactive case studies and case-based discussions. 

  • Self-paced independent learning, with support from global leaders when you need it 
  • Online discussion forums 
  • Course handouts – yours to keep 
  • Certificate on completion
  • Results for optometrists sent to OA (Australia) / ODOB (NZ) / COPE (Nth America) / GOC (UK)

Course details

Managing Myopia Course 2 is made up of 4 x 1 hour modules, which consist of questions, videos and polls.

The structure of the course is shown below:
  • Module 1: 4 interactive case studies (15 mins each) + 10 MCQ assessment
  • Module 2: 4 interactive case studies (15 mins each) + 10 MCQ assessment
  • Module 3: 5 interactive case studies (10 mins each) + 10 MCQ assessment
  • Module 4: 2 interactive units (25 mins each) + 10 MCQ assessment
In each module, we will examine complexities due to:
  • patient factors outside the scope of available evidence, such as younger or older patients, clinical techniques and fast progression.
  • additional conditions that need to be considered in the patient, such as binocular vision status.
  • poor outcomes with management strategies such as poor vision or dissatisfaction.
All content is delivered fully online, and can be accessed using a desktop PC or tablet. Please note that the course is aimed at practitioners who have completed course 1.

Course facilitators

Dr. Monica Jong

Senior Research Fellow, Brien Holden Vision Institute

Ms. Judith Stern

Global Manager of Academy, Brien Holden Vision Institute

Mr. Michael Morton

Online Education Coordinator, Brien Holden Vision Institute

Continuing education and enrolment

We are a trusted education provider and this course will be accredited for continuing education points with:
  • COPE (US / Canada optometrists) (46 CE hours, pending approval)
  • Optometry Australia (OA) (8 CPD points, pending approval)
  • Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians Board (ODOB) (4 credits for optometrists, pending approval)
  • The General Optical Council (GOC) (UK) (4 CET hours for optometrists, pending approval)
(You must be enrolled in the appropriate region to receive continuing education points)

After you have paid and secured your place for the course, the course will open and course materials will be available from Tuesday November 13, 2018.

Please be aware all assessment must be completed by December 4, after which the course will close.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Invited speakers

Some of the world's leading experts on myopia have contributed to Managing Myopia Course 2:

Dr. Padmaja Sankaridurg

Myopia Program Leader, Brien Holden Vision Institute

Dr. Pauline Kang

Lecturer, School of Optometry and Vision Science, UNSW Australia

Mr. Daniel Tilia

Clinical Research Manager, Brien Holden Vision Institute

Mr. Tim Fricke

Paediatric Optometrist

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PLEASE NOTE: The early bird rate is now active - the regular course rate will apply from October 16.  The course will open Tuesday November 13, 2018.